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MPC003 Personality: Theories and Assessment (IGNOU Help book for MPC-003 in English Medium)

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MPC003 Personality: Theories and Assessment (IGNOU Help book for MPC-003 in English Medium)

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Book                         :        MPC-003 Personality: Theories and Assessment

Author                       :        Geeta Chopra

ISBN                          :        978-93-83921-83-6

Binding                      :        Paperback

Publisher                   :        Gullybaba Publishing House Pvt. Ltd.

Number of Pages      :        195

Language                  :        English      

Edition                       :        2018



MPC-003 Personality: Theories and Assessment


Block- 1 Personality: Theories and Assessment
Unit-1 Definition and Concept of Personality and Personality Development
Unit-2 State/Trait Approaches to Personality
Unit-2 Assessment of Personality 
Unit-4 Key Issues in Personality 

Block- 2 Theories of Personality-I
Unit-1 Psychodynamic Theory (Including Horney and Sullivan) 
Unit-2 Social Cognitive Theory of Personality (Bandura) 
Unit-3 Learning Theory of Personality (Pavlov and Skinner) 
Unit-4 Humanistic and Self Theory (Malsow and Rogers) 

Block- 3 Theories of Personality-II
Unit-1 Gordon Allport : A Dispositional Theory of Personality   
Unit-2 Raymond Cattell: A Trait Theory of Personality  
Unit-3 Hans Eysenck: A Trait-Type Theory of Personality
Unit-4 The Big Five Factors: The Basic Dimensions of Personality 

Block- 4 Assessment of Personality
Unit-1 Introduction to Assessment and Testing 
Unit-2 Approaches to Personality Assessment (Self-Report, Problems of Response in Projective and Behavioural Assessment) 
Unit-3 Behavioural Assessment 
Unit-4 Other Measures of Personality  

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