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MEC004 Economics of Growth and Development (IGNOU Help book for MEC-004 in English Medium)

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MEC004 Economics of Growth and Development (IGNOU Help book for MEC-004 in English Medium)

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Book                       :        MEC-004 Economics of Growth and Development

Author                     :        GPH Panel of Experts

ISBN                        :        978-93-81066-62-1

Binding                   :        Paperback

Publisher                :        Gullybaba Publishing House Pvt. Ltd.

Number of Pages    :        302

Language                :        English

Edition                     :        2018



MEC- 004 Economics of Growth and Development


Block- 1 Economic Growth Models-I

Unit-1 Introduction to Economic Growth
Unit-2 Harrod-Domar Growth Model
Unit-3 The Neo-Classical Growth Model

Block- 2 Economic Growth Models-II

Unit-4 Growth and distribution
Unit-5 Total Factor Productivity and Growth accounting
Unit-6 Technical Change and Progress

Block- 3 Economic Growth Models-III

Unit-7 Models of Optimal Economic Growth
Unit-8 Multi-sector Models of Growth
Unit-9 Endogenous Growth Models
Unit-10 Stochastic Growth Models

Block- 4 Social and Institutional Aspects of Development

Unit-11 Development and Underdevelopment
Unit-12 Measurement and indicators of economic Development
Unit-13 Population and Development
Unit-14 Institutions and Economic Development
Unit-15 Market Incompleteness and Informal Institutions in the Rural Economy

Block- 5 Theories of Development

Unit-16 Classical Theories of Development
Unit-17 Schumpeter and Capitalistic Development
Unit-18 Theories of Underdevelopment

Block- 6 Development Strategies

Unit-19 Allocation of Resources and Growth Strategies in Developing Countries
Unit-20 Cost Benefit Analysis
Unit-21 Role of Planning
Unit-22 International Trade and Development


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