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BPC001 General Psychology (IGNOU Help Book for BPC-001 in English Medium)

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BPC001 General Psychology (IGNOU Help Book for BPC-001 in English Medium)

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Book                        :        BPC-001 General Psychology

Author                      :        GPH Panel of Experts

ISBN                         :        978-93-86276-06-3

Binding                     :        Paperback

Publisher                  :        Gullybaba Publishing House Pvt. Ltd.

Number of Pages      :        215

Language                  :        English      

Edition                       :        2019



BPC-001 General Psychology


Block- 1 Introduction to Psychology, Objectives, Goals
Unit-1 Introduction, Definition and Concept of Psychology
Unit-2 Branches and Fields of Psychology
Unit-2 Systems and Theories of Psychology
Unit-4 Application of Psychology to Different Disciplines 

Block- 2 Biological Basis of Behaviour
Unit-5 Theoretical Perspectives of Development 
Unit-6 Biological Development (Development of the Brain and Nervous System)
Unit-7 Cognitive Development
Unit-8 Perceptual Development

Block- 3 Sensation, Perception, Learning and Memory
Unit-9 Definition and Concept of Sensation and Perception     
Unit-10 Psychophysics: Threshold, Signal Detection Theory  
Unit-11 The Visual System: Wave Length, Amplitude, Structure of the Eye, Colour Vision Theory, Illusion, Perception of Pain-Phantom Limb Explanation    
Unit-12 Learning and Memory: Definition; Characteristic Features; Observational, Experimental Learning; Sensory, Short-Term and Long-Term Memory; Information Processing Model

Block- 4 Social Behaviour
Unit-13 Introduction to Social Behaviour – Concept, Perceiving and Behaving, Social Interaction 
Unit-14 Intention, Attitudes and Interest: Development and Management
Unit-15 Social Distance: Status Distance, Behavioural Distance, The Socio Cultural Field, Space and Force
Unit-16 Conflict in the Social Cultural Field. The Elements and Process of Social Conflict, the Nature of Power, Social Power and and Family Power    

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